(We invest in empowering our communities, because business succeeds when people prosper.)

  • Environment
  • Climate change

At Mandrake, we are taking significant steps to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) without undermining the growth of the global economy. The use of fossil fuels to meet the world's energy needs contributes to an increase in GHGs—mainly carbon dioxide and methane—in Earth's atmosphere.   We conduct inventories of our emissions and use innovative technologies to continually improve the efficiency of energy use in our operations. We also assess GHG emissions in our capital projects.

  • Energy Efficiency

We believe energy is precious. That's why we strive to use it as efficiently as possible in our own operations. We're committed to helping other institutions, including many schools and communities improve their energy efficiency. Of all the ways to meet the world's expanding energy needs, efficiency and conservation are the cheapest and most beneficial to the environment. Using energy more efficiently helps reduce carbon emissions, lower energy costs and preserve our finite natural resources.

  • Community
  • Economic Development
  • Health

At Mandrake, we’re committed to using our human, financial and technological resources to support partnerships and programs that promote healthy communities and improve access to health care for our employees, their families and the communities where we operate. 

  • Education

If people and communities are to thrive, nothing is more important than education and job training. A workforce armed with the critical skills needed to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow is important not only to the success of our business, but also to a country's ability to compete in the global marketplace. That's why Mandrake invests in schools and teachers. We focus on improving instruction in the key subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and on helping provide the career and technical training that can lead directly to good-paying jobs.
Working with our partners, we take a comprehensive approach to investments in education, encouraging them to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses and ultimately, careers. We support educational standards and proven curriculum that promote project- and problem-based learning. We also support teacher training, provide classroom resources, fund out-of-school activities, and develop partnerships with universities designed to strengthen faculty, curricula and student development. These investments don't just help the communities in which we operate — they help us, too. Tomorrow's Mandrake engineers are today's school children.